Krüger Consult - Areas of Expertise

Support for the manufacturers of machinery and equipment

The companies that manufacture and sell machinery and equipment are faced with all sorts of challenges to overcome. Firstly, there are the ever shorter development cycles, with standards and directives for machinery and equipment that are constantly changing and becoming even tougher. Rapid decision-making based on reliable legal knowledge is therefore essential for efficient manufacture. Krüger Consult therefore works in close cooperation with machinery and equipment manufacturers to develop optimum, reliable, viable solutions on which you can rely.

Support for the operators of machinery and equipment

For machinery and equipment operators, it is safe to say that without reliable, available production technology that meets the relevant requirements and legal provisions a consistently high standard of delivery is simply not possible. This is also true when it comes to keeping machinery and equipment in good order through maintenance management. Krüger Consult works closely with machinery and equipment manufacturers to meet these requirements. Our support teams ensure the necessary levels of availability and safety that you need to operate and maintain your machinery and equipment.

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