Krüger Consult - History

Krüger Consult is a company that has been operating as a competent service-provider since 2009.

Before this, the owner of the company had worked in the field of expert assessment for a well-known German testing company, mainly in the CE compliance assessment of companies in all areas of industry. He had also worked on the development and implementation of a national training concept for the training of experts and was a lecturer in this field.

The knowledge that formed the foundation of his successful activity in the field of expert assessment is based on over 35 years of continuous activity in machinery and equipment building companies and in production plants.

From the end of 1996, his main area of work covered design and project management in several well-known companies in the machine engineering and brewing industries. The central focus was on the planning of electrical switchgear equipment, the production of software and display systems for automated machinery and equipment and the final commissioning and assessing of system in the food and pharmaceuticals sector. Solving complex project management tasks in systems planning for the brewing industry round off his area of activities.

Initially, from 1981 to 1996, he had worked in the area of maintenance, especially for well-known firms in the chemicals and brewing industries. His primary focus was on ensuring the availability, standard of delivery and safety of the production plants.

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