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Krüger Consult is happy to offer you its support on all matters relating to the CE marking of machinery and equipment.

Krüger Consult will accompany you along the pathway to the reliable CE marking of your machinery and equipment. The focus is on the implementation of the requirements of the European Machinery Directive, starting with advice on matters relating to CE marking, through the preparation of the risk assessment and operating instructions, to the preparation of the CE Conformity Declaration ready for signature. In addition, we can provide expert support as an external CE consultant.

The following is a small selection of the service that we offer:

  • Advice on matters relating to CE marking;
  • Researching directives and standards;
  • Carrying out the risk assessment;
  • Carrying out the safety inspections;
  • Preparing documentation;
  • Preparing the CE Conformity Declaration;
  • and much more ...

The subject of CE marking is extremely important for many companies, since both the manufacturers of machinery and equipment who sell individual machines and general contractors who are responsible for functional linking individual machines together are obliged to comply with the procedures that are laid down by law.

With the support of Krüger Consult, you can avoid problems with the implementation of these requirements. It is Krüger Consult's aim to work effectively and competently in partnership with its customers to accompany them along the path towards achieving CE marking that is legally secure and that complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Krüger Consult will help you to achieve this aim.

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In the following, we have put together a broad selection of additional information describing in more detail the steps that need to be taken to provide a product with CE marking. Click on the headings below to be taken straight to the information you need.

Researching directives and standards

Carrying out a risk assessment

Preparing the documentation

CE Conformity Declaration & affixing of the CE marking

Researching directives and standards

Today's extremely wide-ranging collection of directives and standards presents anyone responsible for research within a company with a major challenge.

Alongside the European directives on CE marking, there are all sorts of standards that be applied for what is called a "presumption of conformity". This means that if these standards are applied, it is assumed that the relevant requirements of the directive(s) in question are met.

In research, the following questions, amongst others, need to be answered:

  • Where can I research for standards?
  • What directives and standards apply for this product?
  • How far can the requirements from the standards be applied?
  • Have amendments or corrections been published?

Krüger Consult reliably researches into directives and standards that apply for your product.

Carrying out a risk assessment

The Machinery Directive requires manufacturers to carry out a risk assessment which not only assesses risks but also contains measures to avoid or minimize these during all the phases of the product's life cycle.

Ideally, the risk assessment is prepared in parallel with the conception and design of a product. This avoids high subsequent costs - for retrofitting or changes after manufacture, for example - and optimizes the efficiency of the product development stage.

Lists of tasks to be completed when carrying out a risk assessment:

  • Research into the directives and standards applicable for the product;
  • Recording the product's hazard points;
  • Defining the lifecycle phases in which the hazards occur;
  • Determining the hazards on the basis of EN ISO 12100 and/or product standards, if these exist;
  • Assessing the risks and grading the hazards;
  • Taking measures to avoid or effectively reduce the hazards during the entire lifecycle of the product;
  • Classifying the safety-related parts of the control systems according to EN ISO 13849-1 or EN 62061.

Krüger Consult is happy to carry out the risk assessment for you as legally required, using a professional software product that has been duly approved.

Preparing the documentation

The operating instructions are an essential part of the technical documentation and cover the entire lifecycle of the product. In these documents, which are legally an integral part of the product, the manufacturer describes, for example, the measures that he has taken to effectively minimize any hazards caused by his product and demonstrates that the CE conformity assessment procedure has been carried out.

The documentation is divided into an internal and an external part. The entire documentation must be kept for at least 10 years. The external documentation is handed over with the product. It includes, for example, the operating instructions, the declaration of conformity and all the documents necessary for the safe maintenance and operation of the product.

The operating instructions are prepared on the basis of the relevant directives and standards which set out the individual requirements for preparing the document.

Krüger Consult is happy to support you in preparing the technical documentation for your product in accordance with the relevant directives and standards.

CE Conformity Declaration & affixing of the CE marking

The manufacturer or his authorized representative based in the Community must issue a CE Conformity Declaration within the framework of a CE conformity assessment procedure. Only after this can the CE marking be applied to the product.

The CE Conformity Declaration should contain all the necessary references to the directives and standards on the basis of which it was issued.

The CE Conformity Declaration must be presented at the request of the corresponding supervisory authority. It is an essential part of the technical documentation and contains important information about the product at the time when it is first launched in the market.

Krüger Consult is happy to support you in preparing the CE Conformity Declaration and also to check the CE Conformity and Manufacturer Declarations of your subcontractors.

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Pattern of the process for reducing risk in accordance with EN ISO 12100:2010. Please click on the picture to increase.