Preparing documentation

Krüger Consult is happy to provide support in matters relating to the subject of technical documentation.

The following is a small selection of the services we offer:

  • Advice on matters relating to documentation;
  • Checking the conformity of documentation;
  • Preparing the documentation;
  • Preparing layout templates;
  • and much more ...

Technical documentation is an essential part of the product and covers its entire lifecycle. In these documents, which are legally part of the product, the manufacturer describes, amongst other things, the measures that he has taken to effectively minimize the hazards that arise from his product and proves that the CE conformity assessment procedure has been carried out.

The documentation is divided into an internal and an external part. The entire documentation must be kept for at least 10 years. The external documentation is handed over with the product. It includes, for example, the operating instructions, the declaration of conformity and all the documents necessary for the safe maintenance and operation of the product.

The operating instructions are prepared on the basis of the relevant directives and standards which set out the individual requirements for preparing the document.

With the help of Krüger Consult, you can avoid problems in the implementation of these requirements. Krüger Consult is happy to support you in preparing the technical documentation for your product in accordance with the directives and standards.

Krüger Consult will help you to achieve this aim.

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