Maintenance management

Krüger Consult is happy to offer you its support on matters relating to maintenance management.

The following is a small selection from our portfolio of services:

  • Advice on matters relating to maintenance management;
  • Planning support when making new purchases or refitting;
  • Support in selecting maintenance strategies;
  • Carrying out safety inspections;
  • Preparing standard documentation (e.g. specifications);
  • Support with procurement management;
  • and much more ...

Maintenance management has changed for ever in recent times. Previously, maintenance was seen simply as a necessary evil, for which the costs simply had to be accepted, but today, maintenance is regarded as an internal or external service that creates considerable added value and which thus has a lasting role to play in making companies more successful.

Krüger Consult says that well organized maintenance is an investment in the future!

  • How do we recognize efficient maintenance management nowadays?
  • What can we learn from this?
  • Which is the best maintenance strategy for you?
  • Can all the work be carried out internally, or does it make more sense to assign certain areas to external companies?

These are the questions facing the managers of maintenance departments, whether they are active in the market as external service-providers or whether they have to work on a fixed budget within their own company, and are thus subject to constant financial pressures.

Companies integrate external maintenance firms into their own maintenance processes or buy maintenance, inspection and repair services direct from the machinery and equipment manufacturers. The demands being made on maintenance management are changing constantly, leading to a clear increase in the complexity of the work to be carried out.

Krüger Consult is happy to advise you and help you reliably plan, implement and document your maintenance work, machinery and equipment refitting and new purchases. Our primary objective is to implement the planned projects on time and within the required labour and budget framework.

In searching for the ideal maintenance strategy, we work with you to examine the main strategies, such as:

  • fault- / damage-related maintenance;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • maintenance carried out at regular intervals;
  • status-related maintenance;

in order to define the strategy or strategies that will be most suitable for the properties to be maintained.

A maintenance strategy that is optimized in terms of labour and costs, or a mixture of several strategies, aims to achieve the maximum reliability and availability of a machine or system.

Krüger Consult will help you to achieve this aim.

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