Krüger Consult - Services

For many years, we have been supporting companies in the machine and systems engineering industry and other production operations in solving particularly difficult tasks. It is our aim to accompany our customers effectively and competently as they move towards a reliable, effective and viable end result.

In this area of work, Krüger Consult is able to offer an overview of its services. Because we always tailor our range of services individually to the tasks you need to solve, the following is a list of the broad themes in which we provide consultancy services:

  • CE marking of machinery and equipment;
  • Consulting and advice on complex matters;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Preparation of expert reports and audit reports;
  • Advice on maintenance management;
  • Analysis of the weak points of machinery and equipment;
  • Running seminars.

Because some of these services cover very complex topics, we hope you will understand that we are unable to describe on our website the finest details of everything that we do. We would be very happy to answer your specific queries on a more personal basis.

Why not have a word with us?

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