Weak point analyses

Krüger Consult is happy to offer its support in matters relating to the analysis of weak points.

Krüger Consult supports you in:

  • analyzing weak points and their causes;
  • carrying out an analysis in parallel with production;
  • developing a possible solution.

A weak point analysis is the specifically targeted examination of processes and procedures in order to detect deviations and non-conformities with the aim of optimizing the process or procedure and maximizing process reliability.

Removing weak points is an important part of maintenance management if the production standards of the systems being supported are to be ensured cost-effectively. This value creation plays a lasting part in ensuring the company's success.

Krüger Consult says that removing weak points is cheaper than spending money on looking after them!

  • Do you have availability problems in production?
  • Do your systems suffer from too many minor faults and failures?
  • Is your production standard unsatisfactory?

If you are the manager of a maintenance department facing these problems, we can help you with our experience in the field of weak point analysis.

Krüger Consult is happy to advise you in detecting weak points, in close cooperation with your own teams, and in developing possible solutions that really make sense.

The aim of removing weak points is to achieve the maximum reliability and availability of your machinery and equipment.

Krüger Consult will help you to achieve this aim.

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